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B S Mardhekar
(Born: 1 December 1909, Died: 20 March 1956)

Baal Sitaram Mardhekar (बा.सी.मर्ढेकर) was famous marathi poet. Marathi literature not complete without mentioning Mardhekar. Marathi kavita sangrah share few of B S Mardhekar’s poems.

B S Mardhekar writes, In to one of his poetry collections,.
‘It’s not difficult to write poetry, if one has a command over words and is conversant with their rhythm. However, it is only the reader who will decide whether there is anything more in that writing. If his opinion is not in writer’s favour, he should take the necessary hint (and quit). But it will be no remedy if you consider a button-nosed woman as beautiful by simply imposing that ‘role’ on her head like a crown and decorating her with the anklets of footnotes.’

    Shishiragam (1939), Kahi Kavita (1947), Aankhin Kahi Kavita (1951)

    Raatricha Divas (1942), Tambdi Maati (1943), Paani (1948), Mardhekaranchya Kadambarya (1962)

Aesthetics and Criticism
    Arts and Man (1937), Vangmaiyeen Mahaatmata (1941), Two Lectures on an Aesthetic of Literature (1944), Saundarya ani Sahitya ( 1955)

    Karna (1944), Natashreshta (1944), Sangam (1945), Aukshan (1946), Badakanche Gupit (1947)

Short Stories
    Natashrestha Appasaheb Rele (1944)

[*References: From wikipedia]

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